About Us

Prolube is a mobile oil change and vehicle maintenance company serving Pueblo West and Pueblo Colorado. Our business is set up to provide professional services such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks and top offs, maintenance inspections, and even vehicle cleaning to customers in a timely fashion and in a location that suits their needs. We have eliminated the need for you to go to the shop for the most important maintenance that your vehicle needs regularly, oil changes. This means no more driving to the auto shop, waiting in lines and waiting rooms, and being upsold by companies. You can watch the football game or your favorite television show, take care of those long-forgotten to-do list items around the house, or just relax and enjoy your day off. Now you can receive quality vehicle maintenance on your time with no hassle.

Why Choose ProLube

We care about our customers and the area that we live in.  Our company is known for going above and beyond for both.  Not only have we implemented the CDC requirements into our daily routines within our company, but we follow them on YOUR property as well.  Whether you just get an oil change or if you take advantage of our other packages every applicable surface of your vehicle is sanitized after the technicians are done inside the vehicle.  All our technicians are trained on proper covid procedures and can practice them while servicing your vehicle.  We also have a ZERO SPILL policy.  We use state of the art absorbent pads on top of clean tarps to ensure that there is never a single drop of fluid on your property.  We are fully insured and well trained in this regard.  All waste oil and fluids are recycled in a certified recycling center every time. 

ProLube Tech Changing Oil IN Pueblo, CO.

We care about You

We Care About the Environment

We Care About Your Vehicle