Oil Change

Oil changes are what we do. Every oil change receives a new oil filter, a fluid inspection and top off, a front and rear vehicle light inspection, an air filter inspection, tire pressure check and fill up, and the outside of the front windows are cleaned. We ensure that the oil that is used in your vehicle is the manufacturer's recommendation for your vehicle’s best performance. We do more economical options with Standard oil (Store brand oil that meets your vehicles exact specifications) and we also offer Premium options (Name brand oil that meets your vehicles exact specifications).

Fluid Check and Top Off

Any job that you order comes with a fluid check and top off. We check and top off your brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze/engine coolant, windshield washer fluid, and oil. When checking your hoses and engines holding containers we inspect for visible cracks, leaks, and damage. We include all findings from this inspection in your invoice.


Quick Clean Package: Includes the front inside windows and windshield cleaned, the dashboard and all visible vinyl are cleaned and receive a layer of protectant, inside of both front doors are cleaned, front seats and carpets are swept out.

Deluxe Clean Package: This includes all of the features of the Quick Clean and also includes the rear seats and floor vacuumed, all floormats cleaned and protected (if applicable), all rear windows cleaned, rear doors cleaned and covered in protectant, all doors jambs cleaned, rear windshield dashboard cleaned, trunk or bed of vehicle swept and your choice of air freshener (Cherry, Black Ice, Lemon, Vanilla, New Car).

Tire Rotation

With our tire rotation we follow your vehicle's rotation pattern to ensure that you get the most life out of your tires. When tires are not rotated the treads wear down unevenly which can impact the vehicles performance. Rotating tires keeps your tread even as they wear. This gives you more traction and stopping power especially in harsh weather conditions, actually reduces the smoothness of your ride by ensuring that bumps are distributed evenly across the tire, can make your tires quieter, and saves you money by giving a lot more time between expensive tire purchases. With every rotation we include a visual brake pad assessment, a visual caliper and rotor assessment, shock and strut assessment, CV joint and boot assessment, vehicle exhaust assessment, and a quick tire clean.

RV and Camper Cleaning

Not only do we change your RV's oil, but we also offer interior cleaning. After a long trip you just want to relax when you get back home. We can come to you and get your RV or camper clean and ready for the road again. Our cleaning packages do include the living areas, bathroom and shower, kitchen, and cab areas of your vehicle. We also change your generators oil upon request.

Zero Spill Policy

We respect your property and the environment.  Not only do we use state of the art oil absorbent pads, but we also put clean tarps under them for an added layer of protection.  Our equipment that we use to extract and drain fluids are designed for spill prevention and safe transportation.  All our mobile units also have oil absorbent materials on hand.  We guarantee when we are done your property will look just as good as it did when we arrived.  All waste oil and fluids are disposed of at certified recycling centers every time.

Price List

Premium Conventional Oil Change (Premium Oil up to 5 quarts)

$97 - Additional Quarts: $10

Standard Conventional Oil Change (Standard Oil up to 5 quarts)

$87 - Additional Quarts: $10

Premium Full Synthetic Oil Change (Premium Oil up to 5 quarts)

$117 - Additional Quarts:

Standard Full Synthetic Oil Change

(Standard Oil Change up to 5 quarts)

——$107 – Additional Quarts $12                                         

                                                                    Quick Clean


Delux Clean


Air Filter Replacement

Starting at $50

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Starting at $30

Available Discounts

– Family Discount (applicable with 2 vehicles at the same location) $10 off each vehicle

– Fleet Discounts (See fleet services page for details)

– Senior Citizen Discount 15% off total bill

– Military Discount 15% off total bill

COVID-19 Policy

As a company we take safety seriously.  This includes making sure that our customers are comfortable in knowing that we follow CDC guidelines when in your vehicle.  Not only do we use steering wheel covers, seat covers, floor mats, and shifter covers but we have integrated a disinfecting stage and a final sanitation stage to our operations.  When we leave your vehicle, it will be a clean start every time.  We offer no contact services.  All a technician needs are the keys to get the job done and they can return them in a sealed package when complete along with a copy of your invoice at your request. 

Disclaimers and other Info

Vehicle condition policy:
Our technicians do a basic operating check on your vehicle before working on it. Your vehicle will be turned on for approximately 5 minutes while the technician completes the check. We look for any engine issues, leaks, and any safety or environmental issues that would prevent us from working on your vehicle. If any issues are found the technician may decline to start service on the vehicle. All vehicles must be in good working condition for our technicians to properly conduct service. The technicians will not be responsible to conduct a complete diagnosis of the vehicle if it is deemed inoperable or unsafe to service. A full vehicle diagnosis can be arranged by appointment only. Vehicles must be on a flat surface with a 4-foot clearance around them unless other arrangements were made.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations of scheduled service must be done within 36 hours of the scheduled date and time of the service. Cancellations must be communicated either by phone or text (719 307-1822), or email Cancellations that are not communicated within the allotted time frame are subject to a $50 nonrefundable fee. Failure to respond to the confirmation text the day of the service will be considered a cancellation. You will receive a text and email prior to the scheduled date of service and will be given an approximate time of arrival. On the day of you will receive a confirmation text and will receive notification of when a unit is on the way.